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10012 Kennerly Road, Suite 401
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Monday 8AM – 4:30PM
Tuesday 8AM – 4:30PM
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Thursday 8AM – 4:30PM
Friday 8AM – 4:00PM

We are a private dermatology practice located in South County of St. Louis, within the St. Anthony’s Medical Center complex. Dermatological Care was founded by Dr. Charles Miller over 30 years ago and has expanded to include Drs. Charles Miller, Lawrence Wang, Brooke Shadel, Gina Bowers,¬†and physician assistant Lindsay Exline. All of our dermatologists are board certified by the American Academy of Dermatology, having completed dermatology residency from Washington University and Barnes Hospital or Saint Louis University. We look forward to addressing all of your skin care needs. To make an appointment, please call 314-842-5660